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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Claiming Butch, Not Giving it Up for Gender Abolitionists or Anybody Else

Being primarily Butch on Butch I been vilified for it in the past. However, for me Butchness does NOT automatically mean one is exclusively into Femmes. I do not define my Butchness by what type of womon I have sex with. I enjoy both in different ways.

I define my Butchness by who I have been ALL ALONG, a female who has defied and resisted femininity and stereotyped female roles ALL MY LIFE. I went from Tomboy starting at about age 7 when I rejected dolls, to Butch when I came out at 21.

EVERY true blue Butch I've known WHETHER she's into Butches or Femmes or both, has been a lifelong resister against strait jacketed hetro feminine roles, aka "genda".

She is NOT like the androgyne like the Lesbian sex ads require" just as comfortable in a dress or skirt as pants and a jacket." NO. Distinctly NOT. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US RESISTED. Fought with parents, schools,  peers, workplaces ect to wear the clothes we feel most comfortable in. And to participate in hobbies and careers and interests often designated mostly or primarily for males.

We are not merely androgynous, though we do have both our female and Amazon qualities that help us to feel and be completely comfortable in our comportment.

And then as we put pieces together we realize we are Lesbians with our strong attraction to Females revealed over time.

EVERY Butch I have known has resisted stereotyped female gender roles and expectations from a very young age, choosing to be free, or more in her power, often by adopting men's styles which offer far more greater freedom of movement.

Any woman who claims Butches as automatically anti feminist is really afraid of women who dont follow hetro gender norms and sex stereotypes. We broke outta the mold wayyy before most women have and thusly feared.

Many take on male power or imitate it because there is no other role model, except Amazons. I consider modern day female proud/centered Butches as modern day Amazons and THEY were murdered for THEIR defiance of female sexroles, femininity and claiming independence from men and INSISTENCE LIKE US BUTCHES in being treated equally, and NOT backing down. We do not acquiesce, we do not comply to their needs.

That is precisely why men hate us so and other women fear us.

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