Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Friday, April 13, 2018

Embodied Female Being and Space

I am NOT feminine. I am FEMALE. Primal Amazon Female. Fiery, Sun sign Leo, deeply emotional Moon in Pisces. The Yin and Yang of me. One is expressed openly to the world, the other well hidden, BOTH a part of me.

I see the World through Lesbian Eyes. AND HAVE ever since the Dyke Witches brought me out in 1981 and I began rituualling with and becoming one of them. Been an Amazon ever since puberty when I got into martial arts in 1974, before it was popular for females to do so.

It gave me an edge many other females lacked. A fearlessness, but also an awareness, HOW to.move about the world in Female Power, along with being introduced to Feminism in 1969 at 9 years old.

Putting females first, foremost forever...to bring forth POWERFUL Female energy, in solidarity, in Sisterhood, made most manifest for 40 years in the modern day Amazonia of the Michigan Womyns Music Festival.

The SHEER POTENCY of sustained Female only space to breathe, to be, to dream to BE, to commune with Goddess, to open up spiritually, the sheer Gynergy, to awaken to Powers we had LONG FORGOTTEN, but awaken to away from Patriarchy and the Concrete jungle, there is NOTHING MORE MAGICAL than womyn and woodz coming together powerfully and discovering our Power and Magic and Sisterhood TOGETHER, something long forgotten. But to LIVE IT year after year to put OUR VALUES first and foremost, to feel our freedom denied to us in the world of men, goes beyond words.

Just watch the first 20 minutes of the Wonder Woman movie and you will catch a small glimpse of what usDykeAmazon types seek with EVERY fiber of our Being, and HAD for 40 years at Michfest.

Elderflower was my first introduction to IMMERSED Female only sporitual and physical space where I open up psychically in a way I cannot anywheres else.

The last Michfest was as glorified as the ending Fireworks, all stops pulled out of our last modern Amazon Matriarchy in 2015, and a Spiral Dance of 400 womyn strong!!! Just simply amazing, goes beyond words, the Goddess fully embodied on that Sacred Land, as She is in the Redwoods..

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