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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Warrior Queens- GUEST POST Pippa Fleming

"The DaddiGirl is about to spill some tea...Y'all don't fool this old dyke. I come from an ancient tribe called lesbian "The Warrior Queens" and remember the days when female born women who loved female born women intimately and as sexual partners understood our uniqueness, herstory and tribal covenants.

This misogynist and patriarchal driven nouveau, pop-cultural invasion and reframing of the female sex and sexuality disguised as gender identity politics and ethics, is nothing but the devil's workshop! Those that are pushing this deception want you caught up in the name game so tough, you don't get to talk about who you truly are. What's your preferred pronoun got everybody scared and confused. I am a strong believer in being in control of naming oneself, it puts the power back into the individual's hands and can eliminate guessing and bullshit assumptions.

But let's be honest peeps...the gender identity agenda that's got you scared to say lesbian, pussy, female, vagina, breasts...the agenda that's got females afraid to say they bleed, get wet, love their clits, coochie bang, get pregnant, have hot flashes...the agenda that's telling females that biology means nothing ( so how you fools think you got to planet earth?...that white fucking Stork)...the agenda that's chipping away at female reproductive rights...the agenda that says females can't be exclusive.

The LGBTQI community used to be a sanctuary for spiritual enlightenment, political savvy, artistic innovation, cultural diversity and yeah bullshit too but damn we were smart. Hell yeah we have to fight the good fight and protect all of our rights...but you will not do it by erasing my lesbian clan, our wisdom, our culture.

True activism is about seeing who's missing from the room and bridging the gaps to reach them. The LGBTQI acronym is supposed to represent our growth at acknowledging our unique differences and identities...We better learn how to say all of our names instead of shaming our names!"


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