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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Own your body!

The whole idea of having to change one's body is what is oppressive gender is a hierarchy males on top females beneath them and has been so for thousands of years unfortunately changing things with hormones and surgeries is not the answer deep deep self acceptance is to own the body one has and however you express yourself within itIt is the self expression that get censored I know that as a lifelong Butch Dyke who was a young tomboy and I have paid for it in so many different ways.  To see so many young women convinced out of their womanhood to be pressure to take hormones and how surgeries that damage the female bodies and at younger and younger ages even to children nobody knowing really what these hormones do.

 especially to these children and we know  Both artificial estrogen and artificial testosterone   is very unhealthy,  The easier softer way would be to get rid of the of gender  roles altogether and then allow a female or male express themselves any way they want dress any way they want and have access to any profession they want to have access to

 its the limits put upon especially female bodies that is completely oppressive and why so many young girls want to transition to boys it comes down to sexism.

It is horrifying the number of young girls and women who are transitioning worldwide now that is not the answer and at the same time women are being limited in their abilities to have abortion am birth control much less to be lesbian where in so many countries they could be imprisoned and/or put to death so to transition to male means to move into more privilege and to be left alone.

And more and more of these young women as they wake up are de transitioning,  Coming back to their female selves again.

 This eugenics experiment cannot last and is making the pharmaceuticals the surgeons the medical industry in the psychiatric and psychological industries rich thats the bottom line and I won't drink that Kool aid I will support sovereign female space

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