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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The ORIGINAL Lesbian/Gay Message and Negation of Feminism by Trans Movement GUEST POST BY N.C.

"Transgender political advocacy is in no way liberal. You go back a few years, the trans agenda was the exact opposite of what liberals have been saying on these issues.

The lesbian and gay policy message, for decades, has been that people should be able to choose who they love and that their orientations should be respected. The trans agenda is that people have to accept a trans person's declaration of gender as overriding their biological sex for the purposes of intimate relations, or they get called a bigot. This is enforced heterosexuality, which liberals would rightly condemn as homophobic if conservatives proposed it.

The feminist message is that women should be able to say no to men who want to expose themselves to them, creep on them, or tell them how to think and talk. The feminist message is that sex doesn't determine personality or ability.

 Transgender politics tells women that they must defer in all things to male transsexuals, and that we must believe that personality defines sex according to stereotypes. It demands further that we must pretend that their penises are vulvas, no matter what, even if they’ve used their penis to rape a woman. This is a complete negation of feminism."
           -By N.T.

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  1. YES! That is exactly the new FORCED Tolerance on bullshit. AND: Nobody can FORCE tolerance. It is simpel a new bullshit oppression. There are million worlds between may and must.

    Well said!