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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Butch Grief

Here is a post I made about my experience in the SF BAY Area after a young Lesbian went through enormous grief of her former partner transitioning and two friends of herd to FTM:

 Yes this what those on the tranny train and their supporters INCLUDING other Lesbians NEVER GOT. EVERYTIME my partner and I saw YET ANOTHER BUTCH in San Francisco or Oakland we knew had transitioned it cut and hurt to the DEPTH of our Butch Dyke souls.

 No longer could we count on that Sister to be on the frontlines WITH US. They had joined The Man who keeps his boot on womyn's and Dykes'necks everyday. It also gives the message that being anything other than feminine is not enough and not ok. There also is the machismo ranking system that Butch is not enough, take some T and breast bind, change your name to something decidely male, INSIST on male pronouns even in Lesbian/womyn only spaces..but thats not enough, cut off the breasts and appear full on FTM.

I SAW and WATCHED this peer pressure till I realized the latter incarnations were NOT ALL THAT BUTCH. If they had been they may not have needed to transition. First they took the Stones and THEY transitioned first. But later basically androgynous if not even feminine women drank the Testosterone(through shots)to macho up WHEREAS US LIFELONG BUTCHES NEVER NEEDED TO.

And many of these more feminine types then began goin with bi/"gay" men....

But IF it was a lifelong Butch I KNEW who made the switch, that cut to the depths of our Butch souls. Its a community loss, a dating pool loss, a loss at the deepest spiritual levels of what it means to our Butch Dyke Amazon Sisterhood to have another convert over, almost like cool friends I knew who became "born again", and tiresome to be around, should they attempt to convert me to their ideology which they inevitably did, and I dropped those friendships cold. Exact same feeling..except on a much much deeper gut level saying that Butch Dyke is not ok, and really only men have Power, and that we are an endangered/dying species(Butch Lesbians).

 I cannot tell you how many times we were told that in the SF BAY AREA...till I found Sisters ONLINE pushing back, and groups supporting detransitioners and would be detransitioners to go to this last Michfest, BE AROUND THE FEMALE GYNERGY, and reclaim their Female Selves and Power once again!!!

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