Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, November 21, 2016

Butches Rock-Aiya and MasterAmazon

Us Butches ARE NOT wanna be men. Thats an FTM. A TRUE Butch is a modern day Amazon, PROUD to be Female, and LOVE and lust after Females. -M.A.

" A bit off topic:
A butch woman is total woman. I love the woman in you, fiercely. Without her we are incomplete.
Just saying. Butch women are raked thru the coals bc they don't conform to a patriarchal definition of woman.  IMO butch women are ostracized from all directions. It isn't an easy path. Yet thru the years these women have stayed true to themselves. They are dynamic, capable, strong, and dumped on again and again.
All wbw are total and complete. Butch women take womanhood to a whole new level.
IMO, young dykes need to know that being butch is a hell of a lot stronger than any man alive.  Manhood vs Butch = no contest. " -Aiya

THank you Aiya, since we ARE under the crosshairs of the trans movement AS BUTCHES, so ready to recruit and TRANSform EVERY Butch female(like so many young ones now transitioning in their teens/early 20s), most of whom never even got to go through a Butch phase for ANY length of time. This is a thread BY AND ABOUT BUTCHES..and I appreciate you valuing our TOTAL WOMONHOOD, since so many forces want to toss us out of Womonhood altogether: het society, MTFS, the Trans Movement and even the queer community by calling us by male pronouns and ASSuming we are MEN.          -M.A.

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