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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nature vs Nurture or is it both??

I agree with the Feminist thinking in the arguement. For me its both Nature and Nurture...but then Id say I REJECTED femininity(gender) at the young age of 7..and actively came out in a very active Lesbian and Feminist community when both were strong at 21. Het sex NEVER felt right...I chose to come out and sought it out..but once I did it all made perfect sense(my nature).  So, yes, both. And I remember exactly when the gay movement went in the "born this way" direction. While Lesbians lwft men in droves once connecting with the Feminist Movement or women only Festivals that came out of that movement.

It was done for political expediency by Gay Inc. And so was smashing all 4 communities/identities together instead of keeping the focus gay/lesbian.

I was at a meeting when the bisexuals joined with trans to INSIST San FrAncisco Pride be renamed instead of San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Pride, San Francisco LGBT Pride.

Gay men ALWAYS resented how independent us Lesbians were abd that we could largely do without them (Separatist) with OUR OWN Bookstores, coffeeshops, hot tubs, events and other Lesbian businesses. We didnt need them and they could not control us.

But they knew for the "big issues" in Washington DC they would need us as foot soldiers...and have for all too long treated us just like het men treat straight women:  as a force to be used but never as equals. Lesbians tried to have say so on the San Francisco Pride board and other mixed homosexual venues in San Francisco..but the gay boys always treated us poorly  or ran us off.

They STILL hold the power with LGBT..it is STILL their agenda and the only women they keep on are Lesbians or faghags who kowtow to them...not Lesbian interests who PUT Lesbians first and foremost and truly choose coslition when expedient and needed.

No they made sure we couldnt organize independently from them again..by crashing our spaces and especially SF DYKE MARCH and shaming us when we want Lesbian or womyn only environments..WHILE RETAINING THEIR OWN MALE EXCLUSIVE ONES. 

With the help of LGBT they basically broke the back of Lesbian community. EXCEPT MICHFEST. Then their Gay Inc. LED BY TWO LESBIANS, their mouthpieces, threatened to boycott Michfest last year..till Lisa Vogel called it and said ENOUGH!!! And yes, us Dykes wrote those organizations and those two Lesbian Executive Directors and said ENOUGH!!!

If we were completely fluid sexually and it was all nurture(choice) everybody would be bisexual then. But some of us are not...while I chose to come out because it wasnt working with me and men, I have NEVER gone back. There is indeed a Lesbian sensibility and Way of Being that is very real, familiar and originates from childhood.

I am all for womyn choosing the sexually intimate partners that best suit them and treat them well...no matter which sex they are.

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