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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Do not take on shame for not being in Power..find your Inner Power

Staying in your power:  The whole blaming those stuck on the lower echelons, those of us actively oppressed  by those in power as having to "overcome the victim MENtality" smacks of New Age shaming "create your own reality" b.s.  

Those in power, namely MEN are not going to give up that power..they are going to.hold onto.it tooth and nail. Just look at Donald Trump,.the Koch brothers and all the CEOS and millionaires and billionaures who have VERY CONSCIOUSLY amassed and consilidated their wealth off of other people's backs, who don't care how many people they hurt or dangerous products they put out or corrupt officials they can.MANipulate they put into.office or environments they pollute callously or workers they exploit paying as cheaply as possible,  attempting not to.provide medical care or cutting benefits,,working them.parttime instead of fulltome and on and on and on...they amassed even greater wealth by getting politicians to.lower THEIR taxes and cutting away societal benefits, they want to take us back to the 19th century and straight/bi women who have sex with men are very close to losing the right to abortion. 

I have worked practically all my life to bring myself and other womyn into their power: through martial arts, through Goddess Ritual, through Feminism, through Sexual Empowerment, through learning our skills in the Trades when the men don't want to train us, hire us or keep us on.

Its called Sisterhood. Having each other's backs, true solidarity and a long vision of seeking Matriarchy everywhere possible. For me its been at women's Festivals, both Michfest and women only Goddess Festivals. In between, rituals honoring the Moon and the Solar holidays and Mother Earth.

Getting the patriarchal boot off our necks is immensely difficult, but we must keep true to our Visions, our Hearts, our Goddesses,,Mother Earth and our Sacred Sisterhoods and EXPOSE THE LIES. Not shame those who are not in power. We are dealing with 2 millenia plus of patriarchal rule: religiously, politically,,socially, economically,sexually, ect. And men and women who know no better or who side with those in power are NOT giving it up willingly and ESPECIALLY those with power, influence and money!!!

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