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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rebuilding our Dyke communities again: a response to one of Dirt's blogs

While I disagree with you about Separatism, as a LeatherDyke Separatist myself, I put Lesbians first and foremost ALWAYS! While I did my stint in the woods for a month before I moved to California in 1984, I still go back yearly to get away from the menz and menz world to connect with women and Dykes, and to honor our Sacred Female and yes, AMAZON Selves. This is spiritually powerful to continue the fight in the menz world.....I'm not an Orthodox Jewish Separatist(and Jewish communities in my youth absolutely WERE Separatist, especially the Orthodox ones), but rather my Separatism is in my focus: worshipping only the Sacred Female, both sexually and spiritually and on every other level. Lesbians come first and foremost, and then all born females....it is the current Separatists that have kept this focus and continue to, and other Radical Dykes, while all the others are sold out lock stock and barrel to the menz, gay, straight, trans and formerly 'male'(mtf's).

But, I DO agree with you, when I first came out I did not understand the whole 'political lesbian' thing, and in some ways never have.....one cannot be something they are not, which is why in some ways I trusted the drunken neanderthal self hating bar dykes more than the radical feminist 'political' dykes, not dykes who were political and radicalized me, especially the Dyke Witches, but 'political' lethsbians...those who claimed lesthbianism, but weren't. I tried to date a few of those, but it never got past cuddling...in fact my first two 'political' lesbian lovers who I met on campus through the political lesbian organizations went back to men...it fucked me up in my head cuz my mom kept saying 'it was a phase' and I was living with her at the time....

Well, for me, once I was out, I WAS OUT...there was NO going back to men for me! Been there, done that, NO THANK YOU....so the whole 'it's oppressive to be with men' bit I/you must/can be a Lesbian did not and DOES NOT work. It is and was coopting of Dyke culture, and those women eventually betrayed us in many ways because they were going against THEIR natural desires, instead of as het/bi women finding THEIR OWN empowerment within the feminist movement as women.

The 'back to the land' bit was and is empowering for many Lesbians who got to do it, but it's also isolating, without the economic resources to create viable communities, alot of those lands ended up in dissension and difficulty, and many were lost...but for some they were and are safe spaces to be, to be separate from a damaging male culture that alienates and annihilates us and our voices and our burgeoning Lesbian communities. We NEED these refuges from time to time...and for some of us more than just from time to time....BUT we DO also need to engage with each other in city environments too, and have safe havens while dealing with the greater whole.

Unlike many religious/ethnic groups that are successful, Lesbians failed to keep matronizing their institutions, their bookstores, their cultural venues, keeping them by and for primarily or exclusively for Lesbians and/or women only....such cultural institutions DO exist in a Separatist way, for THEIR minority/ethnic communities alone, to keep their communities powerful, and as an organized group, to then deal with the mainstream as a powerful COHESIVE unit.

Lesbians failed to do that. We could not keep the cohesion because we kept dividing off from each other, and it's still continuing to happen.

Only when we decide to put our Dyke identities first and foremost, as Lesbian Separatists have always done, will we be able to grow our Lesbian communities as viable institutions as a force to be dealt with, again...I just hope it's not too late to do so....and that other Dykes are feeling this same urge.


  1. So true. Lesbians typically want to help everyone, and aren't that self-centered like those with male privilege are. Save the whales, house the homeless, feed the hungry, etc. Which is lovely, except those tendencies have really been used against us by the MALE to constructed females and female to constructed MALES and the hetero "queers" that have all colonized our institutions and spaces, and even academia where women's studies is now "gender studies" and often taught by men. Films by lesbian filmmakers get stripped from gay film festivals by men who haven't even seen them.
    Young lesbians all want to know where the lesbians went and why there is no lesbian culture- we've gone underground! We meet privately now, word of mouth only, just like back in the fifties! It's been absolute war against lesbians by the men and queers and trannys, and continues to be. They set up goddamn ENCAMPMENTS outside of women only music festivals. They destroy women only pharmacies and gyno clinics and rape crisis centers. They try to destroy anything that is for womyn. TOTAL FUCKING WAR.
    Well it's time for us to set our kindhearted generosity aside and DRAW SOME FUCKING BOUNDARIES.
    And put Lesbians first.

  2. Yep, get that true DykeAMAZON spirit going! And rebuild our DykeAmazon Tribes, work I do ongoingly....and the Amazons weren't 'nice'. They either gave the male babies back to the mixed tribes, deliberately disabled them so they couldn't hurt women when they grew up, or they exposed them on the hillside or otherwise got rid of them....it sounds harsh, but for women who had their matriarchal cultures, villages, temples, priestesses and people destroyed by marauding male bands worshipping violent male dieties, the women who banded together as Amazons were determined to have a safe place BY AND FOR primarily or exclusively women only where they could worship the Goddess without male interference, and honor EACH OTHER.

    Yes, this is what I notice the most from the young 'queer types' most who are bio female, but also welcoming of the MTF's, it's ALL ABOUT a lack of boundaries. They're 'queer' instead of Lesbian so they can fuck men, past, present or future, they're 'queer' cuz their girlfriends or themselves might transition to male, or cuz they once they transition might want to have sex with gay males. Lesbians and gay men are 'bigotted' and 'don't see the person' but the 'sex organs' because we are exclusively HOMOSEXUAL. And so, all of our former women only or lesbian oriented spaces and organizations are now accomodating of 'women and trans' both sides of trans, not like in the past where the MTF's had to at least be 24/7 living as female and fully transitioned, but can be only partially, or on the other side running around with flat chests, facial and body hair, and aggressive male hormone filled attitudes high on testosterone and just as nasty and aggressive as bio males.

    -My Labryis is on my back,
    -In Sisterhood, M.A.

  3. Thank you for this!