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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Male Medical Establishment as G O D-From Dirt's blog

My response:
First off, ever since the Dyke Witches who were STRONGLY FEMINIST brought me out, literally, I rejected the male god, because that system of belief wiped out the WiseWomen, the healers, the powerful Spinsters, Amazons and Crones during the Middle/Dark Ages with the infamous witch trial book; Malleus Maleficarum. It was to destroy the powerful Pagan/indigenous Tribal cultures where women had real spiritual, political and Warrior power, and a place and a say-so.

All the knowledge these women possessed to heal their tribal members was suppressed to make room for MALE doctors and priests who often did more harm than healing. Such is the same medical model today, and women were DENIED the ability to go into the medical colleges and learn the craft, until the 20th century.

Women who used their tribal, natural, Earth centered herbal remedies who were found out were accused of being Witches and tortured, tormented and burned at the stake, including the revolutionary Sacred Maiden Joan of Arc, who dared to wear men's clothes, though still FULLLY FEMALE, and lead armies defying the Church and the inquisitors.

That fear still lives in the bones of Western women, should we grow too powerful, too independent, too Spinster like, and take on doctor like alternative medicine roles, as many Lesbians have done. Congress will shut them down, with the voice of the extremely conservative AMA, and the rightwingers still howling at ANY independent women, especially Lesbians.

So, this shit goes deep. End independent Dykes and Dyke and women healers, for the male medical machine and dependency on it, and you have real social control. Again, you've silenced the women to make them reborn in a male image.

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