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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Butch/Woman: my response from Dirt's blog

Fortunately I got to do the karate starting at age 14, and still do all these years later, and I got to play ice hockey at 12 and 13, the only female in the league....but I had to INSIST, with my parents that I didn't want to be left out, while my brother got to do all these fun things.

When I came out we had a strong Lesbian Feminist community and I remember my first Lesbian dances, and when I used the term 'girl' the Lesbians INSISTED I use the term "woman", unless they were less than 15. I was trained when I came out that to be a WOMAN was something to be proud of, physically, spiritually, emotionally and that 'Women can do ANYTHING', and then 'womyn/womon' were OUR terms for OUR KIND Of womon....not related to man...but her own Being, and her love of other womyn(yes Dykes).

Unfortunately there isn't that same kind of Female/Womon proud Lesbian community for young baby dykes and baby dyke Butches to come into, so there's a serious disconnect because woman means attached to men, makeup, heels, dresses, lesser than, victimized, ect. ect. ect. and so many hesitate to use the term 'womon/woman', but so easily use the term "us girls" or 'girl', or "ladies, ladies, ladies"(even in nonfeminist lesbian circles, even by a butch uttering that term). I've ALWAYS hated the term 'ladies' and rejected that, because I AM NOT ONE...even though my family tried to insist, 'don't you want to be a lady?' trying to curtail my tomboy/butchy behaviors.

So, having and building a community young baby dyke and other Butches can come into where woman is strong, powerful, proud and capable of ANYTHING like when I came out, is the ONLY WAY, woman/womon can be taken back and away from strictly hetero defining, and Butches can then own being a Butch WOMON/WOMAN.

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