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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A rant...TRANS/BORG: You WILL BE ASSIMILATED! FTM gang up when refusing to attend an event that has been coopted by FTM's

To the disrespectful transFTM's who can't take a difference of opinion and get their buddies to gang up: ..you ARE the worst kind of assimilationist bigots, and yes, I certainly 'get' the Borg analogy, and when we look back in 10 years, it will be the trans community that will have assimilated in it's Borg-like way every single Butch/boyish female that comes along...convincing them of the need for hormones, surgeries, ect.....instead of PRIDE in their female minds/bodies/spirits AS Butches and AS Dykes....and that by fighting sexism and yes, LESBOPHOBIA, a Female can do any damned thing in her body/mind/spirit she sets her self to, if just given the opportunity.

What, I don't go along with the crowd, OH MY. Just keep arguing boyz. Cuz that's what 'menz' do.....force their opinions on everybody else....What? There are those who regret transitioning and are transitioning back, cuz they weren't sold on your bill of goods, the dirty little secret nobody wants to admit to? What? Young Butch/boyish/tomboy females coming out wonder where other Butches are and what's left of the Lesbian community and everyday they're asked 'when are you transitioning?', and attempting to resist that peer pressure? That taking 'T' is not enough, breast surgery is better, changing your name to something male better, and yet Dykes should have to accomodate your new found 'maleness'? While they look around and say: "No I don't want to do that...where are the Butches?" We're still here...and we are rising.......we ARE taking back our communities for ourselves and for those young ones who DON'T WANT TO BE RUBBERSTAMPED BY YOUR PEER PRESSURE CUZ YOU CAN'T DO IT ON YOUR OWN....

"You will be assimilated" NOT!
. MasterAmazon: 1 day ago| delete
NOLOSE is just another sold out organization using the Lesbian title, no longer representing Lesbians, along with National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Astrae Foundation for "Lesbians"
YOU have sold us down the river, but we Dykes ARE withdrawing our support.-MasterAmazon

@MasterAmazon - Wow, I'm disappointed to see you continuing to spread trans-fear and bigotry in our queer community spaces.

You know we disagree on this topic. I feel that we Butch Dykes continue to be strong and proud beings and that we are NOT being assimilated. If there is a delusion in this thread it is certainly your analogy equating trans-men with the Borg!

I find your sentiments on the subject to be divisive, ignorant, arrogant and full of rage. The world is an ever changing place and I for one am grateful for that. Work done by queer leaders of the past have paved the way for broader and richer definition of gender and sexuality. Your views are increasingly contracted ... trying to put queer people into a smaller and smaller box. I prefer a more expansive view of a future with a vibrant array of genders and sexualities.

Also, I'm quite offended that you are representing yourself as spokeswoman for all butch dykes by claiming that, among other untrue assertions, "we Dykes ARE withdrawing our support". Speak for yourself. I know for sure that there will plenty of dykes at the next NOLOSE conference.

And there will be plenty who won't be Ra. Sorry you feel that way....I guess there aren't different strokes for different folks, but there ARE Female Identified Butches in many forums, who feel as I do....it's called BOUNDARIES. And we are reasserting them.
I'm not 'queer' which can mean 'anything goes' these days, I'm a DYKE.

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  1. "I find your comments to be full of rage" LOLOLOL That's classic. "What's all this anger stuff about, huh? Now smile! This anger stuff is unseemly, little ladie. No need to upset yourself over the issue you are objecting to. Anger is unseemly and not attractive. Now sit back and relax and spread your legs for the nice little Borg."