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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Part Two of Dyke to Dyke Sex/Relations preferred

8.FeistyAmazon said,
March 6, 2010 at 10:13 pm

Quit wasting our time, and accusing us of ‘biphobia’ because we don’t or won’t date them for all the reasons all of you have listed above. Let them also date the MTF’s, FTM’s and the rest of the queer and hetero world, and leave us Lesbians/Dykes ALONE! We KNOW the difference in energy with another bio-female Dyke, the mirror, the difference, celebrating both, and our womonly bodies, knowing that we both love and lust over the same thing, while enjoying each other’s bodies, we also appreciate each other’s minds and spirits. It’s not “It doesn’t matter what the bodies are like, it’s the soul behind it” or some such claptrap I constantly hear from bisexual/pansexua/queer women, it DOES INDEED matter to me! “No penis between us friends.” like Alixx Dobkin used to say! And all that goes with it…..

Give me Dyke to Dyke anyday! It’s a spiritual thing for me, as well as sexual, in fact, to me the two are One..I worship the Sacred Female from the Sexual to the Spiritual, AND ON EVERY LEVEL INBETWEEN, emotional, mental, romantic, intellectual, psychic as well. Can a bisexual woman claim that? NOT! Only another Lesbian/Dyke can.
-In Sisterhood,


  1. I think that's the difference between Bisexual and Homosexual Women. For queer bisexual women, it really doesn't matter, because they are attracted to both primary and secondary sex characteristics. But for homosexual women, like myself, who are born homosexual, it's not a political choice or anything to do with feminism for me, it's how I was born, a physical characteristic, like being born with brown eyes. I simply do not find male sex characteristics, primary or secondary sex characteristics sexually attractive. Hairy chest, lower voice, the shapes of the body, and OMG the smell of the sweat, all of it physically disgusts me. I mean, it really, really "squicks," me out.

    People who act like homosexuality is a "choice," or is just some political identity you put on and put off, are generally people with much internalized homophobia.

    Bisexual women who are Gay Friendly know damn well that homosexual women simply do NOT find the male physiology, and that includes something known as pheramones a turn on. Obviously when a female transitions to become male, the whole point on taking hormones, etc. is to physiologically transform the body. And hormones we know also transform the personality, the scent of a person, etc. If I had a female partner who transitioned to become a man, I would still LOVE her, but being homosexual simply isnt just about LOVE, it's about sexual attraction to the same primary OR secondary sex characteristics. It's physical as well as mental.

    If your attracted to the soul, the soul turns you on, that's cool, that's great, but there's nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to a particular bio sex of body.

    I think alot of the confusion comes from people in the states who confuse Sex with Gender. I consider myself SAME SEX DIFFERENT GENDER orientated. I'm attracted to female biology, boobs, cunts, scent, estrogen, but I"m also attracted to female masculinity and androgyny, genders different from my own.

    I love watching other Femme Lesbians and feminine women, love watching them dance, love looking at their bodies, and might even sleep with one or two some day. But honestly? They don't get my panties wet the way masculine or androgyne females generally do (not so far anyways.) It's the difference within sameness I guess.

    I've never understood dykes who get turned on by dating other dykes who dress exactly the same way, have the same haircut, cookie cutters in sameness. But obviously, they get turned on by sameness.

    Physical attraction is not something we have a choice in, unless we're bisexual. And some of us are, but many of us are heterosexual or homosexual and that's just the way we're made. The body matters to us. That doesn't make us inferior, or bisexuals inferior, it's simply one of the things that differentiates us, it's a difference, and that's okay.

    It's homophobic to shame a homosexual woman for GASP being attracted to female bodies, and female secondary sex characteristics. I'm waaaay more likely to date a Butch Transwoman who has fully transitioned then I would date a Transman. Because I'm just not into men. Unfortunately, many a Trans Woman is Feminine! Would I be able to date a Transwoman who wasn't fully transitioned?

    Probably not, because the penis grosses me out. It's a complete and utter sexual turnoff for me. That's not a psychological thing, it's a physiological thing.

  2. I need to know she's born female, living as female, has full female naturally grown parts, and that in between her ears she's PROUD to be female, but I get my polarities in a different way dating or partnering with another Butch. But I agree with you. There was one lover where we did the clone thing, same body type, hair color, hair cut, size, ways of dress, and when I went to her place of work to meet her or pick her up, many thought I WAS her.

    Eventually the clone thing and matching thing was no longer cute for me. I NEED my own identity, my own uniqueness, to stand out in my own way! Maybe that's why my next longterm partner ended up being a Femme.

    With my current partner, though we're both Butch, we have different temperaments, body sizes, modes of dress, and hair colors(she's blonde, I have brown hair). I like my gems and jewels and tie dyes along with my leather and jeans, she dresses more plainly or severely even though we are equally as Butch.

    And you are absolutely right! It IS homophobic to shame a Lesbian for being attracted EXCLUSIVELY to female bodies, natural scents, smells, pheremones, breasts, yonis and other characteristics, whether Butch or Femme...and there are Femmes I do flirt with, find sexy and adore....even if my native sexuality is Butch on Butch..as long as it's Dyke and Female, I can admire it freely.....and other bio-females, from a distance....to me all women are beautiful/handsome in one way or another, which is why I'm attracted to them. And yet, even though I'm Butch, I want my femaleness honored too...it's just a different kind of femaleness.

    Thanks for sharing Ms. Sexability!