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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Why I Strongly Prefer to Have Sexual Relationships/Encounters with Dykes only from 'More Than One Way to be a Lesbian' from LesbianFeminist

This is my response:

I like all kinds of Dykes, every kind…well, I do have my preferences, but at least I know another Dyke(whose out loud and proud) will completely understand my sexuality in a way a bisexual woman cannot. She will always be holding back on some level, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. If she is also sexual with men, I don’t want whatever beautiful Lesbian energy I share with her or put into her, to then go directly to men, or for her to talk about our most intimate experiences with some dude..then I feel psychically ripped off. I’ve had my share of bisexual women, and even though all the sexacts may be the same, the magic of those acts are not…cuz only another Dyke ‘gets’ me. She is willing to be in the trenches with me when push comes to shove. She’s not likely to flirt with a dude, or give a dude energy. A bisexual woman very likely would. Another Dyke knows what daily Dyke oppression is like, from hetero males, to straight women who fear us…a bisexual walks between the two worlds. She can marry her man, while still fucking women….for the most part, with few exceptions and few states, and some countries, we cannot, or even if we do, our marriages won’t be well recognized and heap us with the privileges heteros and even bisexuals take for granted. Also, she can go back into the hetero world with all it’s privileges and be legitimate, or seen as legitimate and keep her bisexuality on the ‘downlow’. Less than. Second fiddle. Us Dykes don’t have that luxury, no matter which corner of the Dyke communities we come from . We’re still pariahs. She can bail and go back to hetero privilege by taking up with a man, or even single expressing desire for a dude, when the going gets rough.

So, yes, I agree with most of your reasoning, and I have my own, with my long experience as an out Dyke(29 years).
-In Sisterhood,

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