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Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Fire that Burns Within Us Guest post by Stephanie Borns: A Call to Womonkind!!!

Powerful powerful post!!!!!

"  I've been thinking about this and I have to say, I think we, women, as a group, are partly to blame.

For centuries, we've tried to be equal to them. We've let them define what is normal. We've played down all the extremes that go along with being female. We've kept quiet, we've downplayed it, we've made them feel as though they were going through a similar life experience to ours.

We have trivialized things like menstruation, sexual pressure and harassment and menopause. We've allowed them to make jokes of our monthly cycles and we've made those jokes ourselves.

Is it any wonder that they get it into their heads that all it takes to be a woman is the affectation of a few mannerisms?

We've humbled ourselves to the point where they really believe they are our equals. More than that, they believe they can become us just by acting on what they've observed.

We've said it's no big thing, they believed us. 

We haven't exposed them to the blood, the thinning of the veil between the worlds, the heat, the power of being a woman. We've sheltered them so they would not be afraid. We've hidden our power so well that they believe they can have equal power to us. They really and truly believe we are the same. The stupid ones do, anyhow - the arrogant ones, the ones who think they're endowed with the sensitivity of the moon cycle, the ones who believe they carry the weight of creation in their bones. They really believe they can be us by acting like us.

But they can't they are only cartoons. They're like children playing dress-up without any idea of what it means. It just feels good to them so they think it's legit.

Even now, when dealing with this shit summons up the Goddess in me and makes me want to tower over them and terrify them with a real look at raw femininity, I don't do it. I don't want to burn them down.

So they're trying to shut us up.

I am not surprised and we have to accept a share of the blame. We let our herd think they were our equals. We were too sentimental, too soft. 
We loved too many of them too well. Now the ones who observed that love are envious and want to become us. They don't understand that they can never be like us and they can only be loved by us if they understand that.

I am getting tired of hiding the flame so they don't get scared. How about you?" -Stephanie B.

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