Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rebuilding our Sisterhood

We having ARE having a Dyke Summer Solstice ritual and Gathering on Dykeland. The ANSWER, is  building OUR OWN Gatherings on womyns Land or campgrounds solely US...grassroots, like Michfest was in the beginning, as Lisa passed onto us at the holy of holies at the Acoustic Bowl as we all shared Flames together originated from HER FLAME off the AMAZONS TORCHES, and BUILDING OUR OWN SACRED Dyke and Womyns Gatherings...Michfest last year was ENTIRELY MAGICAL, Dyke centered, Sacred, beyond words Matriarchal Amazonland..and so is the Michfestie Anazon  Sisterhood. Gathering by small Gathering WE ARE REBUILDING.

I have VERY LITTLE to do with the het, mixed or queer Pagan communities..only Female and Dyke Positive ones...do I feel free, ESPECIALLY ON LAND. I LIVE for Ritual, raising Sacred Energy with Sister Witches and DykeAmazons, a bonfire at the Center and drumming in the background.

Last year at Michfest it was THE LARGEST WOMYN ONLY RITUAL CIRCLE I HAD EVER BEEN IN!!!400 strong..and I felt intense grief entering it as a gauntlet of at least 10 singers sung to us "We All Come from the Goddess" as we entered the Circle and upon entering and FEELING THAT ENERGY OF SOUND I cried and cried because I KNEW THIS WOULD BE THE LAST LARGE GATHERING OF OUR DYKEAMAZON TRIBE
 before we were all scattered into the Amazon Diaspora...once again...but WE WILL RISE, and we are building embers of small WBW ONLY Gatherings once again.

And I am PROUDLY  doing that again with a DykeAmazon Sister!!!But there are many many more being organized this summer in lieu of the loss of Michfest, and SOME are quite close to that Sacred Land. And some ARE the week Michfest would have been....

I will try to pass on that information Sisters so you can make your plans and be renewed. Michfesties are a creative bunch, and they take  Amazon Sisterhood very seriously!!!

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