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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Friday, September 16, 2011

Love Letter to Michfest and Lisa Vogel for Maintaining our WBW space

Re: How to get Kicked out of Camp Harmony

THANK YOU LV for having the integrity to continue your vision! I am in full support, and it ripples ever outwards to ALL women only and Lesbian centered groups and spaces which have been so totally decimated by this debate! Even the wbw Dianic communities have undergone this debate and been horribly villified this past year, even with threats against them, and yet some have bowed to the pressure:
http://way-of-the-rabbit.blogspot.com/2 ... h-pnc.html

Please read the above link. I will also post it in a separate thread.
Even though I have not been able to go to Michfest but twice, I go to a smaller women's spirituality event the same week and have been fighting these same issues, and trying to at least keep MY workshops for wbw only...before this festival also gets overrun(fortunately it hasn't but all the dissension is going on already).

There is NOTHING like Lesbian centered born Female space. ONLY in that space, in the sacred Woods can I be FULLY FREE, and the Full Butch DykeAmazon Warrior/Witch, Amazon High Priestess and Free Wild Female Being and Wildwomon that I am. I put on an Amazon oriented ritual along with many powerful compadres this year, and what a ritual it was! The power we raised was amazing! And because we HONOR that female to female energy connected with Goddess and our Primal Female beings and Mysteries....this is something beyond explanation, and something that just must be experienced. It cannot be explained. THIS is why Michfest is so essential, and it changes minds, hearts and souls. ONLY on Women's Land with Goddess connected and free womyn, of ALL STRIPES, leather, nonleather, Lesbian, bi, straight, healer, Maiden, Amazon, Mother, Crone, Wildwomon, Craftswomon, Ritualist, Firekeeper, herbalist, martial artist, Seer, Visionary, Sagewomon and so much more....can we EVEN begin to access our Sacred Female Powers that we lost so long ago....my heart opens up in a way it only can in Female only born Female space....where I can lay down my weapons and armour and energy put into protection and survival, and instead open up my heart in magic, in community, in power, in ecstasy, in the deepest intuition sparking off of likeminded empowered and magical Female Souls connected with Her mysteries and the wisdom of the Land, the Trees, the Water, the Moon...it all came together for me this past summer, and it is WHAT I LIVE FOR! I just wish I could have it 24/7 and throughout the year, that kind of psychic and spiritual openness and connection with other womyn and DykeAmazon Sisters...imagine how powerful we could grow in our intuitions and psychic powers! Keep on Keeping on Lisa Vogel and my likeminded DykeAmazon Sisters! That includes you too Preciocilla!
-In Deepest Sisterhood and Gratitude for Michfest and all She represents,
-MasterAmazon who will always defend you with my heart, soul and Labryis!

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