Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Friday, September 16, 2011

Building Butch Community

I'm here to find out who ACTUALLY wants to work on real community building.
It does NOT have to be in a big way like a conference, convention or a huge group. In fact, I'd love to find ways we connect REALTIME, not just over the internet, with each other, even in our own towns and spaces, like smaller events, barbecues, going out to ball games, spending time in the park or each other's places, affordable things, hanging at the local coffeeshop(no I'm NOT interested in the bar scene at all). Healthy environments where we could both socialize and talk, connect and share common interests as Female Proud Butches.

I want ALL Female Proud Butches to feel they can connect without judgement, whether you are in a Butch on Butch relationship like me, or Butch/Femme, or enjoy both flavors, single, polyamorous or whatever, as long as you LOVE/Lust for womyn, and love YOURSELF as a Female.

I'd like the balance between talking about our issues and playing with each other, having fun times socializing, connecting, REALLY building community beyond just a group. Keeping each other working and employing each other, something so hard for Butches, and being visible at Dyke and women's events(and me personally, Dianic Women's spirituality events, I REALLY want to connect with more Butches who are interested in Goddess ritual and Amazon mysteries, which I do teach and share).

What are OUR unique contributions, voices, connection with our Amazon Natures, that we have to teach other womyn, younger and older, and mentor them as well, so they can be PROUD in their female bodies, minds and spirits and not shamed by them.

Living in the solution, instead of the problem. What is your part, and would you like to connect? I see a bridge we could have all over the country, much like my favorite mag, Lesbian Connection and the Contact Dykes list...we could have Contact Butch Dykes, and share our issues, our joys and our sadness and pain with each other!

Let's Build Female Proud Butch Community together! For ALL bio Female Proud Butches!

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