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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Butch Nation and Jeanne Cordova?

This is a controversial post. It shows how easily the trans terminology falls into use. I now am even more conflicted on whether to give Butch Nation support or not, being Jeanne Cordova was one of the founders and now is identifying as 'transbutch'. In her own words and blog: "Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Chaz, Larry, and Me

"This has been a bad week for trans-butches like me and my friends."

This at the same time she fought for Female Identified Butches, to use the term 'Butch Woman' rather than "Masculine of Center" exclusively for Butch Voices, and the words "Lesbian and Feminist" which Butch Voices censored her for, wanting to outreach to the Lesbian Feminist, womon identified, Female Proud Butch Lesbian communities....NOW she's identifying as 'transbutch'. So easily we get swayed by what's popular and 'in', and because as she states later in the article that she considers herself 'transbutch' because she likes to crossdress in men's clothes. Here's my response to her post:
September 7, 2011 7:25 AM

MasterAmazon said...
I thought that you were a Female Identified Butch, not trans....my biggest problem with Chaz(who in my opinion before transitioning was never Butch to begin with), is advocating for children to have their hormones blocked at a young age, and then have hormones to transition to the other sex at age 16, infecting a whole new generation with the whole trans agenda, RATHER than fully accepting themselves as the young boys/girls they are: hardcore tomboys like myself, like the one in the pool with Chaz, would be told instead 'that you really are male and can be a dude too', rather than to struggle as I did, with the budding of the Feminist movement in 1969, that 'you can be anything you want to be as a woman/female', which means ALSO wearing the clothes that make you or myself most comfortable. Any clothes on a woman are by rights, 'women's clothes', and I ONLY shop in the men's section/stores anymore these days, so completely crossdressing, and yet, as a Butch Dyke, I'm still ALL FEMALE and REFUSE to be pushed to the fringes of womonhood, as has been done to us for eons!

Now I see that you're putting out an entirely different message, sadly. No, NOBODY should be killed around any of this, but when I look at Chaz I see basically a Butch without breasts, the way Chaz dresses...but it's in the way Chaz acts that is so male and reprehensible to me, yes I saw that documentary, and I couldn't stand how Chaz treats his girlfriend just like any prick in the kitchen, and screams and yells at her on and on...how embarassing to have millions watch that whole dramarama. There is nothing 'brave' about Chaz, only a desire to conform and gain male privilege, because Chaz could not be Butch as a Dyke and as a Female, but now Chaz can be...and be just as pricky and assholish as any bio male, and just as sexist!

I know this keeps the fuel going, but on the other hand, it seems like us Female Proud Butches have to be trans/masculine/something other than fully PROUD TO BE FEMALE. MANY Butches crossdress, we can't stand being feminised or to wear feminine or girly or womonly clothes, with the exception of the most androgynous ones, when I was only permitted in womens' clothing stores as a teenager. Still I bought men's vintage clothing at vintage clothing stores too, tux pants, shirts, vests, ect. Nowadays, only men's clothes have my size, and those are the clothes that I feel most comfortable in and look the best on me. And YET I'm still Fully Female, Dyke, Butch,Amazonian and PROUD. I'm not 'trans' anything. Nor do I want to be. I feel even less inclined to align with EITHER Butch Nation or Butch Voices. If I show up to one of their conferences it will ONLY BE if I feel I am fully represented.
-In Butch DykeAmazon Sisterhood,
Link to her blog: http://thislesbianworld.blogspot.com/

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  1. MasterAmazon - I posted this on my blog in response to you on Sept 8th

    "Tank you for all your comments on my blog. Yes, I am most proudly and thoroughly a womyn-identified butch dyke. I use the terms "trans butch" in the Dr. Judith 'Jack' Halberstam sense--meaning I've been walking between the genders all my life...in transition...a woman in bois clothing.
    No changes in my body, no desire to join the male gender. I believe we need to stick to our feminist principles but also widen our lens to recognize that our daughters are growing up in a world where their paradigms, identities, and core issues are so different from us who came of age at the birth of the women's movement. Clearer?
    Jeanne Cordova
    September 8, 2011 11:28 PM