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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, July 8, 2018

My Letter to NCLR Regarding Violence at SF Dyke March 2018

My letter to Kate Kendall ect concerning violence against Dyke Sisters at SF DYKE MARCH June 23 2018:

Letter to Kate Kendall and NCLR:

2:06 PM (43 minutes ago)

As a Lesbian Sister I appeal to as I did when it came to defending Michigan Womyn's Music Festival before and the protection of our WBW and Lesbian spaces in one of the biggest ongoing venues and safe spaces for Lesbians in the world. Michfest is now gone, and Lesbians no longer have any safe havens of our own, with the exception of much smaller Gatherings.

I lived in the SF Bay Area from December of 1983 to September 2013, 30 years, I marched in SF Dyke March from 1994 to 2013, before we left. I was there with my Lesbian Spouse  fighting for Marriage Equality along with you, and heard you speak eloquently for Marriage Equality in that struggle. We married in 2004, and then they took those marriages away 6 months later. We  marched and protested and even heard the arguements in the courtrooms..NCLR represented us then.

However NCLR has not been good in representing the Lesbian community when it comes to OUR struggles first and foremost. It is absolutely shameful that 12 Dyke Marchers, longtime activists and Lesbians, many who I personally know from the Bay Area and some also from online  while living here in Nebraska as good friends and allies, were viciously attacked by trans activistists and their supporters  for expressing their opinions on their signs. These signs were not nearly as incendiary as those in England, but Lesbians are tired of having ALL our spaces and places coopted by those who do not have our interests in mind but rather prefer to prey on our community.

I KNOW these womyn, I have politically worked and collaborated with these womyn, NONE of these Lesbians are violent individuals. I have watched the videos, read their statements, as well as their signs, and seen for 25 years the Lesbian community and my Sisters under attack bit by bit by transactivists and their supporters. They do not respect boundaries, but yet want their own. They do not want hate speech directed their way and control dialogue and words, and criticisms, but they sure dish it out.

Hate speech has turned into acts of violence, from two Oakland Lesbians and their son viciously murdered by trans activist Dana Rivers who spent many years protesting against Michfest at Camp Trans to constant trolling on every Lesbian and many womyn's groups with threatening hate and rapist speech towards Lesbians, Feminists and women they disagree with. To a hateful display on at the San Francisco Library put on by the Degenderettes on Punching Terfs, decorating baseball bats with paint and barbed wire, and stealing our matriarchal symbol the Labryis as a symbol of Lesbian and Amazon Pride, and morphing it into a weapon they threaten to use against any so called 'TERFS', which is a hate word Nor do we want to be called ":Cis" or 'Queer".

We are LESBIANS, DYKE FEMALES out loud and proud. We do not want sex with ANY  born males, nor is penis female any way they want to sell it. Bottomline Lesbians have a RIGHT at this point to date who we want, when we want, and engage in the sexacts WE DESIRE between two Female bodies. We also have a right to our own spaces, and to defend Lesbian youth, and encourage them to THINK before transitioning at such a young age, before they really know who they are. That there are other possibilities, which one of the signs addressed. All the side effects going on T.We all know countless Lesbian women who have been actively pressured to transition, which is now extending to youth.

More and more are starting to detransition after seeing what these hormones do to their bodies, and that what was promised them was smoke and mirrors.

But the bottomline is that violence is NEVER acceptable or ganging up on one's so called Sisters, IN A DYKE MARCH  which is OUR night of Pride. Built up by Longterm Lesbians such as these Sisters and others who have lived a lifetime both as Lesbians and as Females. There is a Trans  March for them the night before.

We will no longer stand for cooptation of our communities, our bodies, our beings or identities or for the continuing censorship and threats of violence or ACTUAL violence from the trans community and their supporters.

We will hold all Lesbian Organizations accountable to actually represent US. Lesbians. Born Female women who love and lust and partner with other women, who have lived and created  Lesbian community together, who long for our Sisterhood, our lost spaces and lost connections.

What we saw at Dyke March is Lesbophobia, real true Lesbian hating. And completely unacceptable. Violence is NEVER ok.

Whether it be Dyke March, loss of Michfest, loss of our bookstores and Lesbian businesses, our gathering spaces, chased out of our OWN commmunities, silenced on the internet, deplatformed, signs ripped out of our hands, beat up, pushed down or even murdered, our Butches and baby Butches pressured to take Testosterone while the Pharmaceutical, Psychiatric, Medical industries grow fat over Female bodies, and male ones too, and the crime of pressuring youth to transition that do not conform, when 80% or more of them if left alone would come out Lesbian or Gay, we will NO LONGER be silenced, or tolerate violence against us. We ARE angry, and we ask that YOU as  a Lesbian Sister hear us, with our NAME in your Organization. We will NOT be battered anymore by the GBT, or organizations that no longer represent us.

                                          -In Lesbian Sisterhood,
                                           -FeistyAmazon/ M.A.

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