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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

NOT a "Dying Breed" Us Female Proud Butches

The personal is political and the political personal. I dont do academic feminism anymore, havent since I was  in academia  over 35 years ago. And grew up from there with the VERY relevant for MANY Butches, Tradeswomen Movement, a part of the Feminism Movement MANY Butches participated in. We were the pioneers into the Trades, and before us were the Rosies during WW2, till they were forced back into the domestic sector or stereotyped lower paying "women's" jobs. Butches, ever the Female pioneers, one of our Sacred roles!!!

 I relate  first hand witness accounts HAVING BEEN IN THE WAR ZONE. And NOBODY BUT NOBODY is telling ME I am a "dying breed" EVER AGAIN. 
They can JUST FUCK OFF. I HEARD IT WAYYYYYY too much in the Bay Area, This Butch takes it PERSONAL...very very personal. WE are NOT the ones who will be dying from testosterone poisoning, or wringing our hands from.premature breast removal surgeries and reactions to T as Detransitioners. WE WILL OUTLIVE THEM ALL!!!

Like Lesbian Avengers USED TO SAY, "We recruit!".  If its not personal or can't be related personally OR Collectively and have real useful meaning in our lives as Butches  its just a bunch of meaningless ivory tower claptrap words. Just like the bullshit happening and coming out of universities now. Voting on whether dorm bathrooms should be coed or single sex, ect ect ect....don't EVEN get me started!!!

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