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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, July 11, 2016

Jeanne Cordova and Butch Voices

Yes Ok...I will update you on Jeanne Cordova..I allied with her at Butch Voices in 2011 since practically all our Female Identified Butch workshops had been TURNED DOWN both in 2009 and 2011. There was NOTHING explicitly FOR US. SO Jeanne Cordova along with detransitioner Sasha Goldberg had a workshop 10 stories above the 2011 Butch Voices  Conference which I attended along with 50 Female Proud Butches, one or two Femmes, AND one "Butch" MTF who went on about their "Butch" MTF trans "sisters". The "Butch" MTFS GOT THEIR OWN WORKSHOP along with all the genderqueers, FTMS ECT BUT THERE WERE NO FEMALE IDENTIFIED/FEMALE PROUD BUTCH WORKSHOP CUZ WE BEEN CENSORED BY THOSE AT THE TOP. 

When there was the final plenary, both Sasha Goldberg and especially Jeanne Cordova were VERY UPSET that they had been kicked off the Butch Voices board for advocating for Butch LESBIANS who were  Female Identified!!!It was pretty disgusting.

I supported Jeanne especially, but then in her blog she began taking on the term "transmasculine" and I confronted her on this since her work previously had been so Butch LESBIAN identified, AND she had risked her status with Butch Voices advocating for us...I felt a bit betrayed by her in this regard.

We lost touch and the next thing I knew was her making that statement publicly about her impending demise due to poor health...

My Butchness is WHO I AM as a Dyke. I myself prefer other decidely Butch womyn, though I have dated and partnered with Femmes as well. It is NOT predicated on any sole attraction to Femme womyn...but it IS decidely Lesbian for me..but I have been this way from childhood, just about like EVERY Butch I know, whether they are into other Butches, Femmes, both or Lesbians in general...we RESIST femininity and being forced into femininity from a very early age. We SEE how we are discriminated against in favor of boys, and DARE to compete with them and INSIST on being their equals. We are NOT "young ladies" nor do we want to be those fragile delicate things fearful of getting dirty or exploring or roughhousing. Like boys and men WE WANT ALL AVENUES, TRADES, OPPORTUNITIES, SPORTS, JOBS, HOBBIES AND EXPERIENCES OPEN TO US.

But UNTIL we found Feminism or the Dyke community we found others feared us and often denied us said opportunities, especially parents, family members, teachers, employers, peers,  AND MALES.

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