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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Friday, May 24, 2013

Why do women fool us Lesbians, more than men? Are we on a Lesbian Ship of Fools?

This guest post below is by Chazz Therev in response to L.B.'s statement. I found it poetic and beautiful. I'm right on that Ship with her! It spoke to my Butch Dyke Lesbian Soul.....
Chazz Therev L.B.: "I think women can fool me more now than men."

Women have always fooled me the most, Lisa.

I've tried to logic out why this is and the only thing I've come up with is: I'm a lesbian. I have an innate need to love and trust women. Th
at I have loved untrustworthy and undeserving women is something I am wrestling with even as I write this.

I am of two minds about this, but neither is acceptable to me on a spiritual level. On the one hand, I think that many women are so damaged by circumstances beyond their control, it's advisable to never completely trust them. On the other hand, I want to love women - and, a woman - with complete abandon. For no other reason than because I can. Neither option has worked out well for me.

Perhaps there is some middle ground I've yet to find, though I've heard rumors about it. What do I know? I'm a passionate Irish butch, with little or no sense, who has made every mistake in the "book". You know, the "book" - the mythical lesbian "book" of solidarity, unified purpose, mutual devotion, and such. The one I read in my head but can never find in the lesbian libraries so filled with theory, praxis and heuristics. Damn.... I fear I'm a permanent voyager on the lesbian ship of fools.

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