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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lesbian is MORE than just a label! We have a rich and long herstory!

Ok, so this REALLY burns me up. Because Lesbian is MORE than just a label! This was posted to another women's and mostly Lesbian  Facebook group I was in without question or comment. I felt I had to, and my response is below. As predicted, the moderator of that group moved it IMMEDIATELY to instead of open commentary, that EVERY posting is now fully moderated. Very, very predictable. And she's a Lesbian herself! Let's NOT let our community or our words be coopted, rewritten or used in ways that don't reflect US. Lesbian is NOT a catchall label for anyone who is not bio gay male, or for the rest of the 'queer' alphabet soup! We are Female Homosexuals, we are womyn loving womyn, we are DykeAmazons, we are Butch, we are Femme, we are anything inbetween, we are born female, bleed as females and LOVE FEMALES ONLY! I will fight till my dying day FOR our Lesbian/Dyke communities, personhoods, and presence, intact, with integrity, and in Sisterhood! And yes, we have a Sex, and that sex is FEMALE. We are not 'genderless' or 'sexless'. Though we may want to throw out all 'genda' roles or boxes, we are still FEMALE and lust and LOVE FEMALES!!!!!!
                                                  -In  DykeAmazon/Lesbian Sisterhood,
Lesbian Visual Artists Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/122068251293542/
  • ALA is a online community of lesbian artists, a place for professional and beginner artists to share their work. "Lesbian" is just a label... bi, trans, queer and genderless are welcome. Posting ...
  • My response:   Sorry, but Lesbian MEANS something. It's not 'just a label' some of us FOUGHT for our identity, some DIED for our identity, we MAINTAIN our identity and Beings as Lesbian FEMALES, WBW, and womyn loving WOMYN.

    We are not the trans community, the bi community or 'genderless' either! We are not an alphabet soup. WE ARE LESBIANS, we are DYKES, and WE HAVE OUR OWN HERSTORY. It is disrespectful to coopt it. Otherwise the group needs to be named a different name, like 'queer women' or American Queer Artist. -FeistyAmazon, a lifelong Dyke of 3 decades plus!

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