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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's not Butch Oppression it's Lesbophobia? IT'S BOTH!!!

 In response to anntagonist "It's not Butch oppression it's Lesbophobia
Utter b.s. There are TONS of Butches that are NOT the dominant sexual partner in the relationship, or who like to recieve sex as much as give it…you and your kind really have it out for Butches, and Feminine women are far more employable than Butches where we’re always told to ‘femme up’ or ‘pass better’ or pressured to wear humilating feminine clothes or put down one way or another to try to get work, or when working, or to wear makeup…ALL women are targeted for male harassment, feminine ones for ‘passing’ as straight and looking available to men, and butch ones for looking obviously Lesbian and ‘threatening his manhood and let’s make an example of her’. You don’t address the disparity of employment issues and struggles we have JUST TO SURVIVE, especially the more blatantly Butch and nonfeminine we are! I won’t be erased, nor will I allow my Butch Dyke brethren to be erased either! And don’t assume just cuz I’m Butch I prefer Femmes, in fact the opposite. I’m a Butch loving Butch..cuz I like being with a Dyke who looks like one, and shares my struggles on the most intimate levels, and can both give and recieve…

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