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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Dyke Witches brought me out, THANK GODDESS!!!

Thank you L. for sharing your truth with us. As a kid I so wanted to be a boy, hated being a girl, hated forming breasts, and being teased because I wouldn’t wear a bra, and most of all the type of things you mentioned. However I was a hardcore tomboy, whoh FINALLY found a place when I came out as a Dyke, in that I could go from tomboy to Butch! And that there were others like myself with similar background and proclivities. I was no longer alone with it all, and had Sister Butches to talk to who were PROUD to be Female. POWERFUL FEMALES out of the mold, and strong and Amazonian, but nonetheless female. I came into a strong Lesbian FEminist commmunity, well, multiple Lesbian communities, some that got along, some that didnt’. But there was none of this transitioning talk.

IF INSTEAD I came out into a strong Trans community, INSTEAD OF a strong Lesbian and/or Lesbian Feminist community(not that we agreed on all things, or even some things, I had some great disagreements with them), nonetheless there was PRIDE in being Female, whereas if you’re the least bit Butch/masculine/tomboy/boyish/babydyke, there’s all the genderqueer/trans talk, looking at my background, hating my Femaleness cuz I wasn’t feminine and didn’t like any kind of feminine things, I think I too could have fallen under the pressure to at least genderqueer if not transition on some level, or identify as male or try to pass as male…..THANK GODDESS I CAME OUT INTO A COMMUNITY OF STRONG DYKE WITCHES! THEY TAUGHT ME SUCH PRIDE IN BEING FEMALE, MAGICAL, AMAZONIAN AND STRONG. AND ONE THAT TAUGHT ME THE MOST WAS AN OLD SCHOOL BUTCH WHO was very well versed in magic and matriarchal herstory. Wow, she and I did some POWERFUL rituals together! I am so glad for that, and I tell every Pagan that asks that it was the Dyke Witches that brought me onto the Path of Witchcraft and the Goddess..and how healing that was: that womyn COULD be powerful, strong, magical and come together in strength and unity. These days there is such little pride in that, or it’s all been catering to feminine straight women, no longer Dykes and a matriarchal alternative, as we were all researching back then for other stories and channeling those powerful FEMALE energies. No, this generation has bought the ‘males are powerful’ line instead, and that since they don’t conform to feminine behaviors, then THEY MUST BE MALE, and thats where the power lies, for them….it is very, very sad to see…all that work to create alternatives, alternative ways for womyn, Dykes, Butches, Amazon types to be, and now they all wanna be ‘male’! Very, very sad…..

But thanks again for you telling your story. We need to keep telling our stories…more and more womyn are finally waking up to the tran smokescreen lies, the more vicious they get the more they lose us, but there will always be the apologists that think it’s a ‘whole new paradigm’(yeah had to suffer through that today at an event I went to, the whole new paradigm of ‘genda’. Or how does Gallus Mag say it? ‘Jenda’).
-IN DykeAmazon Sisterhood,

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