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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Thursday, January 17, 2013

From the blog 'Popping Your Delusionary Bubbles': See, the transactivists think I'm unreasonable

See, the transactivists think I’m unreasonable

But I will repeat here - with updates- the proposal I made for cooperation years ago. It was vehemently rejected by most trans who read it then and I’ve no doubt it will be vilified now, therefore I have no real expectation that it will be received in a positive light and am only reposting it to prove a point :
1. Admit, if you are a transwoman who transitioned in adulthood or late adolescence (which is virtually all of them), that until the point you transitioned you received male privilege and this has affected how you behave and perceive the world.
2. Understand that being perceived as a girl from birth onward is not a privilege no matter how you “identify “.
3. Understand that you are merely taking on a constructed social role (gender) and not actually changing sex.
4. Understand then that both men and women who are solely attracted to one sex (and that one not being your birth sex) are unlikely to be attracted to you and that they are perfectly within their rights to fail to consider you as a sex partner due to your assigned birth sex - IOW you do not have the right to have sex with anyone who does not wish to have sex with you no matter what their reason.
5. Understand that since the vast, vast majority of women spend at least several years of their life as beings capable of becoming pregnant whether they want to or not, and that since society both pushes pregnancy inducing sex upon women, pushes pregnancy upon women; and then punishes them simultaneously for having sex, becoming pregnant, being capable of becoming pregnant, or refusing to have anything to do with either - that issues surrounding motherhood, pregnancy, contraception and abortion rights are central to any discussion of women’s rights and you have no cause to be offended by this or complain.
6. If women wish to have a born female meeting only, stop trying to attend and stop harassing them for failing to pretend that someone born male who transitioned in adulthood is exactly the same as someone who has always been and lived as female.
7. Stop minimizing and denying the oppression of women.
8. Stop engaging in misogyny to sound “edgy “.
9. Stop saying “die cis scum “.
10. In fact, stop using the prefix “cis-” altogether. Women have the right to name themselves and you don’t.
Until all of these very reasonable, reality - based criteria are met, there can be no cooperation between transgenders and feminists. None. You are not the most oppressed of the oppressed and women are not “privileged” over you. I refuse to pretend.

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