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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Trans Movement is a Cult

I have come to the conclusion that the trans movement is nothing more than one big cult. There is so much pressure for young 'uns to transition, there is so much money going out to nonprofits from grants for trans spaces, places, healthcare, groups, law centers, ect. It's a movement based on a lie: a lie you can change and lie about your past, change driver's license and birth certificates, and invisibilize one's self to a degree that nobody can 'prove' any longer who or what one truly is. Much like a Lion in sheep's clothing...or a wolf.

In the meantime, Dykes can't have Lesbian only spaces with other bio-female Lesbians to talk about OUR issues like I did today. It was WONDERFUL to be around a group of Lesbians talking about the need for exclusively not just women only space, but LESBIAN ONLY SPACE which is nigh to nonexistent. With all the talk of gender binary, gender fluid, cis this and that, all a smokescreen. I have found most MTF's to be incredibly reactionary and conservative, way more conservative than most culturally attuned Dykes..that is Dykes who are PROUD to be Lesbian, to be Female, whether Butch or Femme, and craving a strong Lesbian community like we've had in the past, that indeed Lesbianism is revolutionary, because we can give our most intimate sexual, mental and emotional energies to women only or lesbians only if we choose to, and set boundaries and limits with men and other nonlesbians if we choose to.

We support all that is Female, rights for women, for Dykes, for Butches, for nontraditional jobs for us, for our full and total physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and spiritual empowerment. The trans movement does NONE Of this, and in fact tries to erase our efforts by crashing our spaces, and by making their needs and desires, our needs....and to ignore our needs to band together as bio-female Dykes....throwing out labels like bi and transphobic, when really we NEED our own space and our own identities, our OWN places to thrive without talk of men, hormones, surgeries to change sex, wanting to identify as male, or coopting our female heritage, bonding, oppression and spirits and sexualizing us as bio-males do(MTF's).

We NEED our own space. And we NEED to keep moving forward as Dykes and as women.....we need to look through the smokescreen and mirrors of the trans movement, the lies, and to follow the money: the gynecologists(even lesbian ones), the psychiatrists and psychologists, the surgeons getting rich off all this including the pharmaceuticals who know they can prescribe a lifetime of hormones and drugs if they can convince young effeminate men or butchy/masculine/tomboy girls and women that they REALLY ARE the opposite sex, and the further agenda: eliminating homosexuality altogether, as Iran would do: forcing such effeminate men or butchy women into transitioning so they will now have a heterosexual relationship. If not: the death penalty. The trans movement is essentially male identified at it's core, and benefits a conservative male system and medical system. IT DOES NOT BENEFIT LESBIANS, WOMEN OR BUTCHES, IT DIVERTS FROM OUR ISSUES AND OUR ABILITY TO ORGANIZE FOR OUR OWN: THE COMPLETE EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN ACROSS THE WORLD, AND LESBIANS, SPIRITUALLY, RELIGIOUSLY, EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY, SEXUALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY AND ECONOMICALLY. Indeed, it wants to erase us altogether! So indeed, in my eyes, and in discussion with my partner who was originally from a conservative religious background, It IS A CULT! And it recruits the young who diverge in any bit from the so-called 'gender binary'.

If you're 'gender fluid' THEN BE truly gender fluid. Then there's no need for surgeries, hormones or identity changing documents or the rest. Break all the boxes of society, and BE YOURSELF EXACTLY AS YOU ARE, without classes to be coached on how the 'opposite sex' behaves or walks or talks so you can 'pass'. Accept pan/mixed sex spaces then, don't crash our Dyke spaces or coopt them. Don't hide your past or falsify it..be true to yourself, and be truthful and rigourously honest to us. We've been lied to enough by men in and with power, and sold a bill of goods. Don't perpetuate that oppression! Stop the smoke screen and mirrors....and get real!


  1. I'm glad you're creating the space you need. I wish that didn't mean exclusivity, but if that helps people reclaim butch female identities, then I wish you well.

    As for the trans stuff... there is a trans movement?

    I see a bunch of trans groups all working at cross purposes, if not working to stymie each other. There are groups trying to shore up the gender binary and other groups trying to tear it down. There are those of us who see transition as the way to partially mitigate an unfortunate endocrine condition and birth defect. There are those who see it as an expression of self. There are those who associate MtF transition with femininity and FtM with masculinity (or even with butchness, which living as a man and/or taking testosterone are more likely to undermine than to reinforce). There are those of us who see them as completely separate (A lot of my friends growing up were tomboys and that's who I wanted to be, although my health problems made it hard to keep up).

    And then there is the elephant in the room: Male cross-dressers outnumber everyone else. Many of their organizations were founded on hostility to transitioners. Many of the people who do transition MtF had tried cross-dressing and some of them had been involved in cross-dresser organizations and absorbed cross-dresser attitudes. That may be one of the sources of so-called AGP.

    I have noticed that trans spaces can be pretty messed up. I can see why you want to make sure butch and butch-femme spaces are butch and butch-femme spaces, instead of getting overwhelmed by trans issues.

    But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop transitioning. Estrogen gave me my first taste of happiness since childhood. I'm not giving *that* up.

  2. I really get what you said here. I knew one or two gender fluid people who are being forced into transition by social pressures from queer friendlies instead of applauding them for their bravery in changing societies viewpoint of being human. I fear you're right about all of us being forced to change into something else to eliminate homosexuality.
    Glad you got to spend time in lesbian women only space for a change.