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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not just a 'club' it IS an Identity: Response to Michfest list

n California
Posted: 11 32010v 08 2006 Post subject:


It IS an identity, call it XX and it's existed at least for 120,000 years, back to the first bio female who bled the menstrual blood. Should we stand in all our armour and gauntlets with labryises in hand enforcing the boundaries like our ancient Amazons had the guts to do, defending their territories and sisters? These days the pen or the keyboard is mightier than the sword...but nonetheless we have our Labryises tattooed on our flesh and WE KNOW those womyn's mysteries that draws us to bio-female space and Dyke space honoring us in ALL our Amazonian powers of which Michfest is but one womanifestation...the largest one, the Crown Jewel of Lesbian/Amazon/DykeAmazon Nation.....our Dyke Marches have been infiltrated in the Cities, our clubs, our groups, and most of our Lesbian environments and businesses have been shut down or closed or altered so obviously by those wearing male parts or displaying male parts(breastless hairy chests, arms, ect and scratchy testosterone hormone induced voices and attitudes, or the mincing faux femininity of the male born who really have NO CLUE what bio-females go through on a worldwide basis, but still working hard on coopting our identities as women, as Dykes, as Lesbians), that some of us are those DykeAmazons Butch and Femme and otherwise alike who stand strong that THIS IS OUR TRIBE, OUR IDENTITY, and we have as much right to it as any other Nation or Nation State or Tribe or People...and the others continue to coopt and silence us!

Well guess what, we're exposing your crimes and your lies and your bullshit and WE WON'T STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER! Michfest is no longer the ONLY place calling it as it is, and how much the trans movement is so male identified and actively lies about it's agenda as well as being incredibly anti-Lesbian and anti-Feminist, and I'm not talking a p.c. line here, cuz I'm not p.c myself, but I AM talking a strong Dyke line connected with the empowerment of bio-females throughout the world...and especially for Dykes, Butches, Femmes and others....STOP coopting us, and STOP SILENCING us....we're tired of your destructiveness to our communities, our spaces, our places, and the destruction of our very women, convincing them instead they gotta be 'male' because they dont' 'fit in' to some heterosexual rule of what a female can be.....just because you want to mutilate YOUR OWN body.

We'll continue to speak up in EVERY FORUM we can, to expose the lies and speak our Truths about our Tribe, our DykeAmazon Nation, Our Butches and Femmes, and Lesbians, our Womyn Loving Womyn who want nothing but other Dykes/Lesbians to love, who have their bio-female bodies fully intact! Not bending to the pressure. Or not born male.
-Labryis Swinging,
P.S. Sisters the flame burns bright, you are NOT alone..we are a Tribe, a Dyke Nation, a people, and we will no longer be colonized in mind, body or spirit!

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