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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Check this blog out...it is very direct and to the point about how we've been duped


From LesbianplusFeminist with her permission:
"Lesbian + FeministAppropriating Womanhood in 7 Easy Steps
December 3, 2009 at 9:59 am (Uncategorized) (appropriation, woman)

1. Re-define “woman” as a “gender identity.” It will never do to allow “woman” to continue to refer to an adult female, as people who do not fit the biological profile of an adult female will never be able to claim to be women. Do not dwell on the fact that this re-definition gives no information whatsoever about what it is exactly that someone so identified is saying about himself; the vagueness makes the word easier to claim.

2. If absolutely necessary, back up this re-definition by explaining how hopelessly vague the meaning of “woman” currently is (ignoring the fact that it’s never been so vague as to include men, of course), that language is fluid and changes over time, or that strict definitions are inherently oppressive. Do not mention that none of these shortcomings lead to your re-definition. With skill, it is even possible to argue that “woman” should be re-defined to include “mtfs/transwomen” because otherwise, it excludes “mtfs/transwomen.”

3. Convince people that gendered pronouns exist to reference “gender identities,” as opposed to biological sexes. Bonus points for convincing people that the proper use of pronouns is determined by feelings.

4. Continue with the brainwashing phase, pretending that “woman” was a gender identity all along, or should have been, at least. Try to avoid being dragged into discussions about why it should be that way, except to assert that the alternative is transphobic.

5. If anyone refers to the common meaning of woman (an adult female) in any way, slur them as biological essentialists. Throw in “transphobic” for bonus points.

6. Pretend that everyone who refuses to accept you as a woman is specifically ignoring/disrespecting your “gender identity,” despite the obvious fact that most people don’t know what “gender identity” is, don’t care, never use the phrase/concept and have no need of it, and obviously don’t agree with your self-serving re-definition. Be careful not to frame such situations in terms of a difference in definitions, as this will draw attention to your tactics. Instead, frame it as ignorance of/transphobic refusal to admit what woman “really” means.

7. Reinforce the conceptual superiority and cultural hipness of your re-definition by talking about educating people/raising awareness about it.

ADVANCED APPROPRIATION: If possible, convince people that “female” is a gender identity. This tactic will allow you to skip straight to appropriating femaleness, and will even make appropriating womanhood easier."

Check this out....very astute observations of exactly what we're struggling against.

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  1. This is awesome, MA - thanks for sharing this! AND for your continued wonderful blog