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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"The Ordeal of Ron Gold"


On censorship of a gay man questioning the trans movement, interpretation and not kowtowing to their party line on Bilerico.

And my response:
MasterAmazon said...
Good for you for reprinting the article for all to see. So many Lesbians(and some gay men) are seeing the backlash by trans censorship and rewriting of BOTH our Lesbian and Gay history. I do not buy that a bio male is a "Lesbian". For YEARS he had privileges as a man, and sexist attitudes towards the women he dated, lived with or married, that when he transitions to 'female' comes INTO the Lesbian community expecting us to a) recognize him AS a woman, when most do not pass in any way, shape or form
b) some still retain penises and us Lesbians should just 'get over it' a la 'The Cotton Ceiling' debate. We are FEMALE HOMOSEXUALS, as such, our love and lust is reserved for female bodies, minds, spirits....but especially Female bodies.

No amount of external appearance can change that, or the potential fear an MTF might still retain a penis, and many still retain assumptions of their former male privilege, thinking we will give in to them if they are forceful enough.

Here is an article that addresses the difference between the Gay/Lesbian movement and Lesbians and Gays vs Trans interests. We are different communities. YOu just don't 'get over' the biological sex you come from...it is a lie.


I have heard gay men complain to me in the same manner, as many, many of us Lesbians feel completely coopted by the trans movement, and both MTF's and FTM's who INSIST in being in all our women's and Lesbian spaces, while also having some of their own.Now the gay men are understanding somewhat what us Lesbians have had to deal with MTF cooptation all these years, when FTM's, most who do not fully transition either, are now crashing the gay male community. An FTM with a 'bonus hole' who engages in sex with a male, who enters that hole with his penis, is in effect indulging in HETEROSEXUAL sex, as that FTM can then be impregnated. MTF's and FTM's have garnered the sympathy of the bisexual community and both have stormed the barn on those of us who are exclusively homosexual, pressuring us to basically have a large pansexual community to accomodate ALL of them.

Our issues are different and our needs are different. Sometimes gay men want to be with other bio gay males sexually or socially. And often many of us Dykes want to be with bio women, Lesbian or otherwise, we share a girlhood in common, similar outlooks, puberty, fear of impregnation, and many, many other things that no MTF will ever understand. And FTM's should take responsibility and leave  instead of undermine our communities to accomodate their new found 'male' status.

And it saddens MANY of us Dyke Butches to see more and more young women shamed of their female bodies, pressured by their peers, to identify as male, and go down the whole 'male identifying, hormone, surgery' route, as our strong Lesbian communities and spaces and businesses and bookstores have declined much of it due to trans infiltration and cooptation, the trans community has risen AT OUR EXPENSE and on the backs of our young Butches, convincing them for their freedom, if ONLY they identified as male, they truly could be free, and must be 'born in the wrong body', instead of a society that still DOES NOT accept Butch Dyke Women and effeminate Gay Men!
4:18 AM  

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  1. I see what you're saying, esp. about shared experiences. No MTF will ever know what it is like to have menstrual periods, and all that goes with them. It's no small part of female life. I'm menopausing right now. I could describe this all day, but no one who wasn't born in a female body is ever going to truly *get* it. I want another woman to be able to relate to me on this level. Quick question: About bisexual women. I worry about sticking my head in where I'm not wanted. Is being biologically female "good enough," if you will, or should I stick to the more inclusive spaces where any and all types of queer people are welcome?