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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kids transifying at young ages: another straitjacket


Disturbing. So there will be no more tomboy girls then? I was a hardcore tomboy, I never fit in, I hated my femaleness because it held me back from the fun things boys did. Yes, I was made fun of. I refused dresses and skirts and girly things, but neither did I want to be one of the boys especially in school because so many of them were bullies.

Outside of school, I played mostly with other boys, and they constantly wanted me to 'prove' I was male like them. So I often did at the end of my fists. I refused to reveal my body parts, the way they so easily did to 'prove' their maleness. So, everyone in school is going to conform to the 'girl' role or the 'boy' role, and you won't have sensitive nonmasculine boys or hardcore tomboy girls like myself anymore who DEFY these very roles.

Having a boy who is identifying as a girl with a penis in a girls' bathroom would be frightening to many of the girls. And I worry about this girl who is identifying as a boy in boys' bathrooms, and her sexual safety. It may not be a problem at her age now, but certainly would be once kids start sexually maturing in junior high/high school and she could be subject to sexual assault for not having conforming body parts to the outer identity.

I'm all for boys/girls/ AND gender neutral bathrooms, so kids and adults can feel comfortable and be safe in the bathroom that best suits them.

The pressure to conform is enormous. Whether it's  'transkid' conforming to the OPPOSITE sex role, or a regular kid. But it invisibilizes and continues the sexism of the roles in the first place by eliminating the kids that don't want to transify, or don't want to conform: boys with long hair and more 'girly' interests or who like colors and bling, and girls like myself who like boys' things, boys clothes, but never had the hardness in emotion or personality boys are expected to have. I never wanted the penis, only the privilege boys were allowed, and not to be limited to the domestic sphere like most of the girls gameplaying imitates.

This doesn't really free anyone to further be themselves. IT just puts them in another straitjacket.

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