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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amazons....Amazons....Where are my Sisters? By Dea Shore Crone Amazon Extraordinaire


Amazons ... Amazons ... Where are my sisters?.

by Dea Shore on Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 12:06pm

There was a time when I opened my space to Amazon Gatherings. Many sisters came to these gatherings who were not declared Amazons, but who were curious friends of Amazons ... some just came to gather ... to eat, drink and be merry. Good women ... free women ... Goddess-Loving women ... You know who you are! Mama, Auntie Joan, Auntie Wanda, Carolyn, Kini, Marione, Charlotte and too many others are no longer physically with us ...! Only a few sisters remain ...but, many daughters and daughters of daughters are out there needing the invitation and validation of an Amazon Gathering. And, I genuinely suspect they know who they are ... at least on some level.

Have you ever lived completely alone? Have you ever been complletely responsible for your own food, clothing and shelter ... for your own safety? Have you ever identified your fears ... fears revealed only to you ... viewable only to your own eyes in the dark mirror? Have you ever walked the dark? Have you ever experienced physical combat ... fought in self-defense? Are you faithful to yourself? Are you an Amazon? Have you ever been aided by an Amazon?

What is an Amazon? Who is an Amazon? Lets take a quick look at Nature and identify some creatures we can agree are examples of the Amazon path. See if you agree. I suggest that Bees, Sea Gulls, SeaHorse, Anemonies, Elephants, Hyenas, Spiders ... most trees and plants ... a vast amount of nature in general. Most of Nature is faithful to HERself.

I'd like to go on record to say ... here and now ... I do not deny the Gods, nor any other navel-less deity. I very simply do not relate well to them except through the Goddess. I have a Navel and I honor that connectedness first, last and always. It is engraved upon my spirit that I was once wholly dependent upon a Mother ... the navel is my enduring physical proof. ( And, so is Gravity!) So, as long as I am of this Earth, the Goddess is my Queen and I am Her worker-Bee, Her stinging warrior or whatever She needs me to be. Very few jobs require a penis or pollen!

Everytime I see the face ... or hear the name ... of one of our so-called leaders ... regardless of where I am ... I send a stinging dart of truth to them ... hoping ... they'll become transparent enough for me to find a seed of trust in them for me to nurture with love and respect. If I only knew how, I'd encase them in an eggshell until they matured into truthful, loving, friendly-to-this planet .. human beings. I'd render them to so friendly to women and all life on this planet that no woman would ever have to lock a window or door again, nor any critter need to flee to the safety of shadows in fear. If I were really ... really ... powerful, I'd disappear Patriarchy from this planet! There is probably a good reason I am not that powerful ... yet. I do not have all the answers ... nor do I understand all the answers that are offered ... and, neither do you!

As Amazon Crone ... I believe we need to brainstorm ... to go beyond personal rituals ... and find agreements among us. What do we want? for our sisters? our species? our planet including all the life forms upon Her??? How can we in simple everyday practice, habit or ritual begin to accomplish the feat of becoming that which we wish to see? Clean air, water, energy, agriculture ... CLEAN everything! Contaminates gone! No more pollution whether in the form of lies, violence, fear-producing words or activities ... or merely the removal of inappropriately applied poisons to our environment. Mama always said that if you want something done you must get up and do it yourself. Since I do not know how to do this all by myself ... yet ... I am willing to blend my energy with others to the extent that I can ... so long as we share a common vision. How many New World Eggs does it take? What concepts or ingriedients ... wants or wishes ... hopes or dreams ... must be included in our New World Eggs? Visions? Is Revolution a requirement for the hatching of our Egg(s)??? I've so many questions and so few tangible solutions ... magically or otherwise.

I don't know about you, but I suspect you are as sick and tired as I am of cleaning up messes ... messes I didn't even knowingly contribute to ... messes I've spent the better part of 70 plus years of personal energy attempting to clean up one way or another ... whether it be child abuse, domestic violence, rape, a woman's choice, our water, our air ... and so on and on and on ...! I want heedless behaviors that are contradictory to healthy LIFE as we know it stopped! NOW! Well ... that is what I want. I think it may well be what we NEED as well to sustain our species. I do NOT, however, KNOW! Could we have a virtual gathering? Is that even possible? Could we plug our individual energy and knowledge into such a gathering or not? Or, would it even be worthwhile? Oh well, just my thoughts for the day!

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