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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Preserving our WBW Dianic Space, and Controversies around it from the Pagan and Gender Conference last week

I am going to give you the link to this current controversy and assault upon our Dianic oriented Paths, the right to wbw space in the greater Pagan community, of which Dianic Wicca in particular has been demonized around, that and worshipping Goddess only, no male dieties. Other than the ongoing controversies around maintaining our born female space in Michigan, the latest pop-up of this controversy occurred when Rabbit and the Amazon aspect of Caya Coven had a Dianic Amazon wbw ritual at Pantheacon last year, without listing the wbw requirements for the workshop. Several trans showed up, some were turned away, or made aware of the statement that it was for born female only, and a ton of controversy, much like what happens at Michfest and on the Michfest list, occurred, villifying the Dianic Path, and the right to claim wbw space and focus on women's blood mysteries, bodies and spirits from the moment of birth onwards. For years, however, Ruth Barrett, Z Budapest and other Dianic leaders have been holding Dianic wbw rituals at Pantheacon without too much incident. Ruth and Wendy Griffin came forward to state the importance of holding down this space at a workshop a couple days at Pantheacon after the controversy.

I myself had to argue in my own women's spirituality community for keeping my Amazon workshops born female only. It was very trying for me, as the group decided to open up our festival to mtf's,whether fully transitioned(penis removed) or not. I stated this would really change the Festival, and it's energy and focus. We haven't had the influx of trans yet, but if and when that occurs, it will irrevocably change from the wonderful sacred energies of born female connection and space.

So here is the link about the Conference, the controversy, the attempt to satisfy all communities, and the ritual which I hope will bring some mutual respect, including respect of boundaries and mental, emotional and spiritual healing around these matters. However, I am not holding my breath around this one. It is a wait and see to see what will unfold.


-In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,
If that link doesn't work,just try her main link:
then go to September 2011 and look for the outline ritual of radical forgiveness, and announcement about the Conference.

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