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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'100% Butch Dyke With Boobs'

I'm a Butch with Boobs and I hope to stay that way all my life. Just had my breast exam and mammogram, and want to keep these mammaries, even if they're huge...the doctor even asked if I wanted breast reduction, and I'd qualify...but I went through that once before....a 3 year wait for the appointment and missed it by a day, for a consult...and it put me through all kinds of shame and gender issues myself, thinking like alot of Butches, 'well if you're gonna make 'em smaller, just take 'em off', and I'm on so many sites these days, where Butches, and boyish queer women are talking about this right and left...or binding'em which can be very harmful to breast tissue to invisibilize them, like they did in the '50's to 'pass' as men and be able to get decent jobs they could support themselves on, as well as a level of shame....but NO, as long as these babies are healthy, I'm keeping 'em. Besides I like nipple sensation, the best part of my breasts, and if you have breast reduction surgery, or even breast removal like so many FTM's are even genderqueer types who dont' consider themselves full FTM'S are having these days, you lose all that nipple sensation!

I will keep screaming from the rooftops, as one heavily involved with womyn's and Amazon mysteries particularly, my worship of the Sacred Female on all levels, sexual, emotional, intellectual, psychic and spiritual, that one of those levels is about learning to love OUR OWN FEMALE BODIES, however we choose to express it...and that means loving our handsome Butch Breasts as well, even if we feel sometimes challenged by them and their weight..and mine are QUITE WEIGHTY. When I first came out, some dudes wondered how could I be a Lesbian/Butch if my breasts were so big? Well it has NOTHING to do with breast size, and sure, as a Butch I'd prefer that I was graced with small breasts and not huge mammaries. I like'em close to my body, no missile tits here, and I don't want them exposed where men can see them. I DON'T WANT THEM SEXUALIZED BY MEN IN ANY WAY, AND ONLY IN CERTAIN WAYS BY WOMEN. It is by the sexualization of breasts by men in particular that I think many Butches, if not many womyn, feel conflicted about their breasts.

BUT in women's ritual, my shirt comes off, like on Sunday when I celebrated Solstice on the Land with a bunch of Wildwomyn. I may be the ONLY or the first woman to whip off my shirt in a womyn's ritual circle, but that is BECAUSE I AM AN AMAZON, and a DykeAmazon at that! My bare breasts show my full womonhood, and also are almost like a Warrior part of me, displaying them. Not sexually, but IN PRIDE. And IN FREEDOM, that I can be in a space and display my FULL AMAZON WILDWOMON SELF, and that means as Amazons we can go about with our breasts bare(or more for those who like to display more). I have my Lion tattoo on my chest, my Leo power, that can only be fully seen if my shirt is off...on my back I have my sacred Rainbow wings with Kundalini Fire going up my spine, and at the top the word AMAZON emblazoned in blue Olde English script across my shoulders. These tattoos cannot be seen with a shirt on. So baring my breasts is a very empowering self loving act of wildness and DykeAmazon and Amazon freedom, in a safe space amongst womyn. I will do it in the Dyke March as well(if it's not too horribly cold).

But in the world of men, I don't want them sexualized in any capacity, so they stay hidden. Not bound, just hidden.

It is amongst young Butches/boyish Dykes/young Butch DykeAmazons, and really Amazons, Dykes and Butches/boyish Dykes of all ages, I hope to share this pride: "Be PROUD of your Femaleness, your unique expression of Womonhood, connect as strong powerful Amazon sisters in total freedom and pride with what Goddess gave you, and release all that shame!"

So this Butch DykeAmazon will be wearing a t-shirt to put the knives and surgeon scapels away, and be proud to be a 'Butch with Boobs!' this Pride season!
-In Sisterhood,

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