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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


What is empowering for you? As a Dyke, as a Female, and if you're Butch, as a Butch, if you're a Femme Dyke, as a Femme Dyke...but most of all, overall as a Female?

For me, it's the martial arts. Nothing calms me down like sparring and kicking ass....and testing my skills against another talented martial artist. Gets out my aggressions, but feeds my Amazon power and tests my Will. I work out with a community of martial arts pals, some I've known as long as 20 years. We are a family, Black, White, Asian, Male, Female, though I'm the lone Dyke. Wasn't always so, but is for now, and yet fully accepted. We range from kids to 61. So, at 50, I know I can keep doing this at least till 60 if I keep myself fit enough. It also keeps my skills sharp should I need them on the street or in other situations, or to protect other women if need be. To keep me spiritually, emotionally and physically empowered.

Another is doing ritual with other women, especially Amazon ritual, connecting with Sister Dykes in power and strength. But most rituals these days there are few Butches coming to our women only spaces..so many are identifying as male or some version thereof and 'queer', and not attending women only spaces anymore. I LOVE that I can still ritual in born female women only spaces, but it saddens me to see, other than the Amazon rituals I lead, I am often the lone Butch in most Dianic circles, or there are just a couple others in a sea of mostly feminine women, often most who are straight or bi, and a smattering of soft Lesbians....but nonetheless if it's a well done ritual to Goddess, I leave calm and centered, at peace, and ride that ritual high for at least a day..then I know energy has been moved. And yet, oftentimes women are afraid to REALLY claim their power! They hold back, unless they've been doing it a long time, like myself, or a wildwoman or fierce Dyke.

The thing I must integrate is my worklife...I need to figure out to be fully empowered in my worklife. This I have not yet figured out and may have to change careers since opportunities in the one I have been trained for for so many years has dried up in this economy, with the death of affirmative action, there is no need to hire women in a male dominated field, especially a big Butch Dyke like myself....many are suffering with up to 20% unemployment, or higher. I want right livelihood, but will likely settle for the first job to come along, for survival issues. If I am not on this blog for awhile, that's why...looking for work...in the survival mode. I'm sure many of you have suffered as well, especially the more 'out' or Butch or Dykey in appearance you are. And yet...and yet...I WANT to find a way to do my 'right livelihood' where I can be happy and fully myself. THAT would be empowering indeed.

So, what is empowering for you???
-In Sisterhood,

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  1. I would love to find a women's ritual space - the only ones that are consistent for me are at MichFest and on women's land. Seems harder to find women's gathering spaces these days.

    I feel empowered by the community of radfem lesbian bloggers - we don't all agree about everything, but it feels great that there are a group of us and we're supporting each other.