Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Butch Revolution

Are you ready to take back the community by and for Female Identified Butches? Ready to reach out to our young Butch youth who are transitioning or being pressured to transition, go on hormones, consider themselves male at alarming rates?

Do you have pride in yourself as a Dyke, a Female and as a Butch, and would like to find a community of Butches that feel likewise, looking at what we've lost, how we've been shunted aside for this brave new world of hormones and surgeries, getting our 'liberation' through them, than through actual Sisterhood, telling our stories, supporting each other, and finding ways to network again within our OWN Dyke networks?

Would you like to create safe space for both older Butches as well as young masculine women who don't really understand their Lesbian/Dyke herstory, and our lifelong resistance against feminization, and being forced into femininity, while at the same time having great pride in being Female and loving other Females?

Well this space is here now, and it's being developed realtime! This is a safe space for all of you who would like to retain your body parts, who would like to be PROUD as the Butch/Amazon/Powerful Butch Dyke Female you are, without the pressure to transition, and to freely talk about it! You are NOT alone. There is a Sisterhood of Butches working on your behalf. You CAN question the trans movement, or decide not to participate in it, or in succumbing the pressure to transition because your pals are doing it, or because you don't feel like you 'fit in' because you're nonfeminine, and you have Lesbian/woman loving woman sexual feelings, passions, desires.

We have resisted so many things, feminization, heterosexuality, shame, going back into the closet, or becoming 'men' even though many of us have been told all our lives "you just want to be a man", or worse "need a man to set you straight". We have a long rich history/herstory as Dykes, as womyn loving womyn that have questioned every box that men or their women have tried to put us in! We're strong, powerful, autonomous, independent, kickass, and Warriors. We don't apologize for who we are, and neither should you! Join us! It's a Butch Revolution! We're taking back our community one Dyke at a time, one Butch at a time! Be OUT LOUD AND PROUD!

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